Melitta Avanza Fully Automatic Coffee Machine


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Melitta Avanza fully automatic coffee machine

The Melitta Avanza is one of the smallest fully automatic coffee machines on the market, yet impresses with its functions, features, and appearance. Choose between espresso, café crème, latte macchiato and cappuccino. the Melitta Avanza has an impressive design and equally impressive features. The newly developed control panel makes it even easier to use, the grinder is especially quiet and the new Melitta Easy Cappuccinatore makes it simple to prepare latte macchiato or cappuccino.

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Product Information Avanza Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

The Melitta® Avanza® has an impressive design and equally impressive features. The newly developed control panel makes it even easier to use, the grinder is especially quiet and the new Melitta Easy Cappuccinatore makes it simple to prepare latte macchiato or cappuccino. Thanks to the extra-large water tank and bean container, you can easily serve delicious coffee to your surprise visitors. The ideal contact time between water and coffee allows the flavours to unfold even better, a difference you can taste with every cup.

Plus X Award 2020

The Avanza® impressed judges at the world’s largest innovation awards – the ‘Plus X-Award’ for technology, sport and lifestyle – four times over. In the categories ‘high quality’, ‘design’, ‘ease of use’ and ‘functionality’ it received the renowned ‘Plus X-Award’. The Avanza® was commended by a panel of expert judges from 26 industries.

AAAI241_PlusXAward Avanza

Whisperquiet grinder

You can drink freshly ground coffee while everyone else sleeps. Your fully automatic coffee machine has a super-quiet steel cone grinder that grinds the coffee beans quickly and quietly.

AAAI24_Flüsterleises Mahlwerk

Easy Cappuccinatore

With the help of the integrated milk system, any coffee speciality can be prepared in two easy steps: Froth the milk with the Easy Cappuccinatore, pour your coffee, mix them together – done.

AAAI24_Easy Cappuccinatore

XL Water Tank and Bean Container

The Avanza® offers a XL water tank of 1,5l and a XL bean container of 250g.

AAAI24_XL Wassertank und Bohnenebeh

A slim miracle

The Avanza® is really slim – only 20 cm wide! We don‘t need more space than that for the high-quality Melitta® technology.


Companion® App

The app includes tips and tricks for delicious moments of coffee enjoyment as well as numerous service features. In addition to information on the perfect coffee, illustrated step-by-step instructions take you through the maintenance programmes. The app also gives you help with understanding the functional status of your coffee machine with the aid of the diagnostic tool.


Aromatic Coffee Enjoyment

The new pump control system enables an ideal contact time between the water and coffee. You can now enjoy the two coffee classics of espresso and café crème with even better developed coffee aromas.

AAAI24_aromatischer Kaffeegenuss

Aroma-Extraction-System (A.E.S.)

More flavour with pre-brewing: The freshly ground coffee is moistened with water before the actual brewing process. As a result, the flavours dissolve better and where do they end up? In your coffee, of course.

AAI24_Aroma-Extraction-System Avanz

Adjustable coffee strength

Strong in the morning, but preferably not in the evening? Just as you like – the intensity of the coffee strength is easy to adjust to your current taste from mild to medium to strong. You can adjust the amount of coffee, too, of course. Variable – exactly the way you like it.


Five grinder settings

Coffee just the way you like it – freshly ground from whole beans.


Double Cup Mode

It’s better together – The Double Cup Mode allows you to make two cups of espresso or café crème at the same time. It is of course also suitable for those who drink a lot of coffee.

AAAI_Double Cup Mode

Height adjustable coffee outlet

The outlet is height-adjustable up to 135 mm so that you can also use glasses or extra large mugs. Without having to use special tools of course.


AAAI24_hoehenverstellbarer Auslauf

LED-Symbol display

It goes without saying – the LED display with red symbols makes using the fully automatic coffee machine simple and convenient.

AAAI24_LED-Symboldisplay Avanza


The newly designed drip tray has a stainless steel drip plate with an integrated high-quality anti-scratchplastic insert.


Removable brewing unit

The whole brewing unit can be removed and is easy to clean. This makes the inside of the machine accessible too, so it can also be cleaned without problem.

AAAI_36_Entnehmb Brüh

Automatic cleaning and descaling program

Communication is everything. Your fully automatic coffee machine informs you on the display when it needs to be cleaned or descaled.


Water filter

To make your coffee taste even better, use a Melitta® Pro Aqua water filter. Another advantage – your fully automatic coffee machine only needs to be descaled once a year**. Why? It‘s obvious – the filter prevents lime deposits in the water system for as long as possible. **Based on a 120 ml cup 6 cups a day and changing the filter 6 times according to the appliance specifications.


Service button

You want simplicity? Certainly! The service button gives you simple access to the cleaning and descaling programme, the brewing temperature and water hardness settings and the auto-off feature. Changing the filter is a piece of cake, too.


Contemporary energy efficiency

In addition to a programmable energy-saving mode, Melitta® fully automatic coffee machines have a practical Auto-OFF feature. This allows you to determine when your fully automatic coffee machine switches itself off automatically. Of course, you can also disconnect the appliance from the power supply manually using the 0-watt switch.


PRO AQUA Filter technology

If you use a Melitta® Pro Aqua Water filter then the Barista T Smart® only needs to be descaled once a year. The filtered water not only improves the quality and the flavour of your coffee, but also prevents limescale deposits building up in the water system. (This is based on brewing six 120 ml cups of coffee a day and changing the filter six times in accordance with the appliance specifications.)


Mission eco & care

We have developed a label, which helps consumers choose an appliance that guarantees conscious enjoyment. The label uses a value system, which we have developed.


Additional information

model number:

F 270-100


stainless steel

Model Series:


Dimensions (height x width x depth in mm):

353 x 200 x 460

Weight (without packaging):

ca. 7,5 kg


LED Symboldisplay

Programmable reference keys:


Premium conical steel grinder:


Automatic grinding quantity regulation:


Grinding degree setting:


Quiet grinder:


Bean container volume:


Active fill level monitoring Bean container:


Water tank volume:


Drip tray:

Stainless steel anti-scratch drip tray with plastic insert

LED cup lighting:


Auto-Off function:


0-Watt switch:


Power max.:





1 year

One-Touch Drinks:

Café Crème, Espresso

Milk foam system:

Easy Cappuccinatore

Milk container:

No milk container included


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