Ispirazione Roma


Full & Balanced

Rome’s coffee bars are a history of contrasts: popular taste tempered by elegance. A light roast echoes this: intensity balanced by aromatic finesse.


Ristretto (25ml)

Espresso (40ml)



A dark roast of pure south and central american arabicas, arpeggio has a strong character and intense body, enhanced by cocoa notes. A selection of the south and central american arabicas, with fruity or malted profiles, characteristic of costa rican coffees. Arpeggio is roasted intensely to bring out the characteristics of each origin. Its full body develops from the fine grinding of the beans. Ispirazione Roma is beautifully complex with an intensity 8/13. There’s a subtle balance between the strength of the roastiness, the depth of the woodsy, cereal notes, and the finesse of the acidity and elegant aromatics. 


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