Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine

The perfect combination of pleasure, versatility and luxury

The JURA brand has stood for the best quality, ground-breaking innovation, and first-rate design for 90 years via innovation, tradition, quality, and design. The E8, S8, and X8 models of the JURA tradition bring Swiss precision and distinctive Italian taste to India. The modern style not only enhances the aesthetics of the area but also makes it ideal for daily use. JURA is an unparalleled addition to your morning coffee routine on the go. It is strong enough for frequent office use and small enough for a refreshing One True Cup at home. The machines provide 15 different coffee style options for you to choose from with each cycle, so the discovery is limitless. JURA coffee makers have a simple yet distinctively styled design. The superior quality of the contemporary E8 is highlighted by the use of premium materials and precision craftsmanship. Just looking at it provides proof of its high caliber, usefulness, and robustness. Details like the water tank with grooves or the premium cup grille with chrome plating complete the E8’s sleek, unified look. Modern brewing techniques enable the coffee smells to fully emerge, and trend specialties are better than ever because to the airy, feather-light milk foam. The Professional Aroma Grinder produces a faultless grinding result. The cutting-edge E8 offers 17 unique specialties, ranging from a flavorful espresso to a chic cortado. Thanks to a redesigned fluid system, it can also produce lengthy, mild specialties like caffè Barista and lungo Barista to professional barista standards. Those who want their coffee stronger can add an extra shot to their cappuccino, flat white, or latte macchiato. Another E8 function that will be known to users of JURA’s top-tier goods is the automatic cleaning of the milk system thanks to the fluid system’s optimization. 

Features-Jura E8

Luxurious operation

It is very simple to use thanks to its 2.8″ color display, six buttons, and brand-new operating idea. Product settings, their placements on the screen, and product names can all be customized to suit individual preferences. The display in the Cockpit makes obvious all pertinent information about the coffee maker and any upcoming maintenance recommendations.

Superior coffee 

quality For the duration of the grinder’s service life, the Professional scent Grinder promises to produce 12.2%* more scent and continuously high grind quality. For quick specialties, the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) provides maximum flavor, and clever preheating assures the correct temperature from the very first cup.

One-touch milk system cleaning

The sophisticated milk system cleaning process takes place automatically at the touch of a button and is completed in no time. The drip tray also meets the highest ergonomic standards. Its design prevents water from spilling and it can be removed conveniently with just one hand.

Harmonious design

JURA coffee machines feature a clean and expressive characteristic design. High-quality materials and precise craftsmanship underline the premium quality of the modern E8. Its styling alone is evidence of its quality, functionality and durability. Details such as the grooved water tank or the high-quality, chrome-plated cup grille perfectly complement the clean, harmonious design of the E8.