Momento Coffee And Milk ​

Quality, Elegance, Simplicity with Professional Performance 

Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk is the new standard barista milk solution for the future work environment. Take each personality into account. A perfect way to attract and retain employees and guests. Awarded by the iF Design Award 2019, Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk 120 design is simply modern & timeless looking. Its touch-screen technology and capsule recognition allow consumers to follow the step-by-step guide, coffee recommendation or conduct machine daily operations. Enjoy your favourite coffee with complete peace of mind thanks to the Nespresso Momento Touchless remote control. Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk 120 also offers 12 milk based recipes and 5 black coffee sizes, delivering barista-style coffee from black coffees to milk based recipes.

Momento Coffee and milk

Simple and effective for delightful milk recipes 

A modular design, intuitive and easy to use in self-service environment. Smart capsule recognition technology individually reads each capsule and recommends the optimal extraction length. Whilst your coffee is extracting, the aromatic profile and intensity will display on-screen. The Momento Coffee & Milk has an integrated milk fridge to keep milk fresh. From ristretto to americano, and macchiato to latte, your employees and customers can recreate their favorite coffee. Its quiet brewing sound is perfect for receptions, meeting rooms, conferencing and open plan working spaces.

Key Features of Momento Coffee And Milk Machine

Ideal for high coffee consumption


Descaling Alarm


Hot Water Function


High Pressure Pump


Unmatched Coffee Quality


Intuitive Touch Screen


Capsule Recognition Technology

Nespresso Momento Coffee and Milk

Make it simple

Capsule Recognition Technology Recommends recipes based on capsule selection

One Touch or Touchless option  Hot Water and Milk based coffee recipes
direct water connection optional  Removable water tank  4.6 liter
Capsule Container Capacity  40 Pressure 19 bar
weight 39 kilograms Dimensions (w x d x h )  56 x 50 x 42cm
Energy Saving Mode  Minimum 30 minutes Maximum 12 hours alert  Descaling Alert 

12 barista-quality milk recipes and 4 black coffee cup sizes

Hot foam, milk and water option

Capsules recognition with aroma profile

Compatible with direct water connection

       Easy maintenance

Remote software updates

One touch coffee and milk recipes with no touch option

Assistance Video

A quick guide