Momento Coffee And Coffee

Quality, Intuition and Simplicity with Professional Performance 

Let us introduce our professional coffee machines: Nespresso Momento coffee and coffee With 2 brewing heads of quality black coffee, Momento 200 (coffee and coffee)  has high capacity and fits perfectly the middle sized offices. Easy to use with its intuitive experience and digital assistance, Momento 200 can be used by anyone at anytime! A new Americano function allows to make the preferred coffee in the Nordics – a long cup, full of flavor and rich aroma. Last but not least, this machine is equipped with a water filter which reduces carbonate hardness in your Momento and therefore protects against scale build-up ensuring a perfect working machine and a great tasting coffee.

Momento Coffee and Coffee (200)

Solutions are made to last 

  • Modern & timeless design – rewarded by the iF Design Award 2019
  • Easy to use: Elegant and simple display to guide consumers step by step to brew a coffee or conduct machine daily operations
  • Simple and fast to repair: Modular design which allows technician to easily and quickly access critical machine components thus minimizing downtime for customers
  • Capsule recognition: Recommends the optimal cup length and provides information of the aromatic coffee notes and intensity for the selected capsule in the Nespresso Professional range
  • Minimized brewing sound
  • Connectivity to allow remote software update

Key Features of Momento Coffee And Coffee (200) Machine

Ideal for high coffee consumption


Descaling Alarm


Hot Water Function


High Pressure Pump


Variety of Choice


Digital Touch Screen

Smart Energy Saving mode

Nespresso Momento Coffee and Coffee 200

Make it simple

2 extraction heads

Works simultaneously

Cup sizes  5 programmable cup sizes 
Capsule insert and ejection  Semi- automatic  Removable water tank  2 x 3 liter
Capsule Container Capacity  2 x 40 Pressure 19 bar
weight 33 kilograms Dimensions (w x d x h )  56 x 50 x 42cm
Energy Saving Mode  Minimum 30 minutes Maximum 12 hours alert  Descaling Alert 

Coffee guidance & recipes for our 14 coffee varieties and a new choice of Americano.

Powerful heating plates to keep the cups warm

Automatic cleaning program

Descaling alarm

      Telemetry system for remote software updates and tailor made service

Smart energy saving mode, the machine reacts on presence
Available for direct water connection

Brew 5 cup sizes

Every employee has its own personality. And you’d like to satisfy all of them, especially at coffee time. With 15 quality coffees and a machine that offers the choice of 5 cup sizes, everyone can express oneself. A modular design, intuitive and easy to use in self-service environments

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